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Thonet & Vander Kurbis Classic 2.0 Speakers

Thonet & Vander Kurbis Classic 2.0 Speakers

Seek purity in all aspects of life.Thonet & Vander Kürbis® is the reflection of that, showing that artistic and technological excellence is possible. This equipment was developed as a first step in setting up your own home studio audio, and the perfect complement to your media devices.

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Thonet & Vander Kürbis® has a power output of 50 watts RMS , 25 watts for each speaker . Special music with astonishing potency and sound purity.


Thonet & Vander Kürbis® stands out for its flat response with high balance and high performance. Perfect to harmonize extreme bass and treble frequencies. It delivers a flat sound of exceptional purity, allowing you to transform any room into a semi professional studio. Will captivate the most exigent audience


  • HDAA Acoustic Cabinet + Removable Cover
  • 5.25 inch Woofer kevlar Driver @ 6 Ohm
  • 1 inch Tweter Silk Driver @ 6 Ohm
  • Power output 50 Watt Rms ( 25 + 25 Watt )
  • Magnetic Shielded
  • Volume, Treble, Bass dedicated Controller
  • Dual RCA input
  • Frequency Response @ 20Hz-20KHz
  • Power Input : AC Adapter
  • Dimension 181 x 222 x 276mm


In Thornet & Vander Kürbis® we can highlight its pure lines and elegant aesthetics. Medium sized, exactly 276 x 181 x 222 mm. A simple cubic design, where rounded details at the corners provide an elegant and exquisite look. It is the perfect fit for any space.


1 Year Warranty Indonesia Distributor

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