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Innergie Magic Cable Trio

With the Innergie Magic Cable Trio cable you can power almost any device that uses a micro or mini USB or 30 pin Apple-type connector with just one cord. Forget scrambling around to find different cables - the Magic Duo sets your mind at ease.

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The unique three-head end of the cable has a multi-tip design that piggybacks a mini USB under a micro USB head, then piggybacks those under a flat 30-pin Apple connector. You never have to worry about losing any of the heads, because they're attached to each other. Simply slip the Apple connector forward, and the micro USB pops out. Do the same for the micro USB and the mini USB pops out.

You'll get all the functionality of a regular charging cable - the ability to charge and sync at the same time, for instance - but you'll also get the added convenience of having three connectors available. And the versatility of the micro and mini USB tip means that you can literally charge thousands of different items. You'll be hard-pressed to ever need another charging cable again.

Now you can charge your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and not have to carry a different cable to charge your digital camera or portable gaming device.
Sync and Charge
The two way transfer allows you to charge your device while syncing data at the same time. Long video and picture uploads no longer have to haunt the power meter on your portable device.
Apple Mania
Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices - including older ones like the iPod Classic - this versatile cord pulls double duty for dedicated Apple users.
Micro USB Means Thousands of Uses
Apple fans aren't the only ones that will find favor with this cable. Any device that uses the micro or mini USB architecture - and that's a lot of devices - can benefit from this product.
Compatibility iPod Touch / 1st - 4th Generation
iPod Classic
iPod with Video
iPod Nano / 1st - 6th Generation
iPhone 4
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 3G
Length 0.65' / 20 cm
Connectors 30 pin Dock Connector to USB 2.0
Micro USB to USB 2.0
Mini USB to USB 2.0

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