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Nitecore SENS AA

The world’s only light that senses how bright you need the light to be. And changes the brightness for you. Powered by one AA battery.

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magine a light that dims as you read a map up close in the dark. When you need to look further up ahead to search for something, it brightens up, allowing you to see further. When you hear a rustle up in the trees you point the light forward and it brightens up even more, throwing light into the far reaches so you can see beyond the trees.

When you see nothing, you go back to reading your map, and the light dims to comfortable reading levels again. All this without you changing anything on the light. Welcome to the next era of flashlight technology. This is the Nitecore SENS series.

These brilliant ultra compact lights feature Nitecore’s Adaptive Dimming Technology (ADT). ADT uses a built-in acceleration sensor and micro-computer to shift between high, medium, and low modes to save your battery and your eyesight.

To activate ADT, simply point the light upwards and twist the bezel to turn it on and calibrate the sensor. Once on, the modes will change according to the angle you hold the light. Horizontally, the light will output High. At 45&deg angle towards the ground, the light will output Medium, and when pointed directly down the light will output Low.

The SENS AA is constructed from Type III military grade hard anodized aluminum so it is durable and ready for action. The ultimate go anywhere every day carry flashlight.



Reflector Integrated lens
Lens TIR Optical lens
Material T6061 T6 aircraft aluminum alloy
Finish HA III Military Grade Hard Anodizing
Switch Bezel twist



Length 81mm
Head Diameter 19.8mm
Tail Diameter 17.5mm
Weight 26g (without battery)


Compatible Batteries:

Primary AA (AA – 1.5V) Yes
Rechargeable AA (AA – 1.2V) Yes
Primary AA Lithium (L91 – 1.5V) Yes
Primary LiFePO4 (14500 – 3.2V) Yes
Rechargeable Li-ion (14500 – 3.7V) No



Garansi: Baterai Nitecore bergaransi 1 tahun bila disertai bukti pembelian Charger Nitecore.
Garansi: Bila tidak disertai pembelian Charger Nitecore, maka garansi menjadi 1 bulan.
Garansi: Charger dan Senter Nitecore bergaransi 1 tahun.

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